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Time Makes Fools of Us All.

rich tasty courage
1 November 1980
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I was quite taken by the blog. Demonstrates lots of writing and analytical skills (and opinions.) -My mother

My name is Jake, and I'm a 20-something English major released into the wilderness of reality with a bad attitude and a procrastination problem. I write about current events, pop culture, interesting links, and occasionally venture into somewhat more personal territory. I'm interested in shorter entries that will hopefully spur some discussion--don't come to me for 4 page confessions about my feelings*. I used to post a lot but lately I am not writing so much. I also blog over here, with some overlapping posts. Almost everything I write on LJ is public, everything except some personal entries.

If you like what I'm writing, let me know, and if you don't like it, don't bother telling me.

One day, I will tell you all about the Irish Curse and why some people call me Hector.

* No promises.

I don't like it when I add people who don't add me back, so if you add me I will certainly check out your journal and may add it, at least for a while. If I do defriend you, it's not personal--I hope you still read my LJ (if you want to) and leave comments (if you want to)--I just don't have time to keep up with everybody anymore.