rich tasty courage (calamityjake) wrote,
rich tasty courage

Someone doesn't wanna be like Mike.

Mike Leahy, a Washington Post sportswriter, wrote a book with some less-than-favorable things to say about another Post writer, writes Tom Snocca in the New York Observer. It's about his time on the Michael Jordan beat, reporting on the NBA star's ill-fated comeback attempt with the Washington Wizards (sucked but sold out every game with him on the team, one of the best teams in the East without him). The most interesting part of it, I think, is that it takes some shots at Leahy's much more well-known colleague, Michael "Pardon the InterruPTIon" Wilbon:
"All along, I thought that Wilbon’s treatment of Jordan highlighted the basic danger in getting too cozy with a subject," Mr. Leahy writes. The access that Mr. Wilbon prized, Mr. Leahy argues, came at the cost of ever being able to write something critical about his celebrity subject.
Very interesting article, including the revelation that Michael Jordan called Kwame Brown "a fucking flaming faggot." That's not exactly McDonald's language, MJ...

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